Welcome to Waima to Laingholm Pest Free

Have you noticed that there are fewer native birds, lizards and butterflies in our area? Why is the rich and flourishing wildlife disappearing from our neighbourhood?

Pests are taking charge!  Possums, rats and other pests and other predators are out of control in our area. Raiding nests and killing chicks, they are wiping out the biodiversity of this beautiful place. Instead of safe and healthy spaces, our homes and gardens are becoming ghettos for vermin.

The situation is very serious.

Our children here in the future may not hear the tui, see the fantail fluttering around, or see the big woodpigeons or silvery skinks around our houses, unless we all get involved. We have started already and have many keen supporters!

Native wildlife will bounce back with our help

If everyone is involved – whether actively or as supporters – we residents can safely and easily make the whole of Waima to Laingholm into a Pest Free Zone, clean up the neighbourhood and bring back the dawn chorus. Please join us and get involved.

Join Us!

We now have over 500 possum traps registered with W2L. Interested in joining to erradicate possums, rats and mustilids in our area? We can provide you a trap if you need one, or if you have one you can register it with us. Just complete and return the forms on the Join-Us page.

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