Upcoming Action Meeting - Let's Get Started.

Kia ora all locals in the Waima to Langholm pest free (W2L) zone,

W2L Public Meeting
Where: Woodlands Park School Hall
When: 3pm-5pm, Sunday 27th August

The foundation work is done and we are now ready to get local residents started with trapping on their properties. Our first target is possum control. We worked out that it will take an average resident only about 15 minutes per week or less to rid their property of possums. Come to this meeting to get a possum trap for your property and to learn how to use it. The cost of a loan trap is $40 with concessions available for those who can't afford it. You will also get a personal report link to submit your trapping results.

Let's get started

We Need your Help

We are also looking for additional volunteers to help with the running of W2L. If you are interested in becoming a part of the W2L team, please come to the meeting to hear about the open volunteer positions. All you need is 1-3 hours per week and a desire to make our beautiful area a thriving sanctuary for native wildlife. We are a friendly team of locals with the same vision.

We need helpers

What we've achieved so far

To date we have been achieving the following:

  • Established a website. Please visit us at www.w2l.nz
  • A new possum and rat trap line along Exhibition Drive that we are maintaining regularly (with Watercare support - and they have pledged more support to extend this trap line even further).
  • 2 grants successfully awarded towards the purchase of possum and rat traps for locals across our areas (for those who would like them with thanks to Ecomatters).
  • Expanded trapping for possums in the forests around Minnehaha Ave.
  • More efforts to trap stoats throughout the area.
  • We have permission from council to set up trapping across the Bishops Bush/Scenic Drive section of our valley and coordination with locals to set this up (we are about to apply for money for this). Our first big goal is to ring-fence our area with trapping, and we are part of the way there.

What we've acheived

Want to help, but can't make the meeting?

Please get in touch by email at contact@w2l.nz. Or if you want to talk with someone, you can give Mark Harvey a call on 817 8506.