Ongoing Argentine Ant Eradication - Minnehaha/Hui Road/Woodlands Park

To our neighbours on Minnehaha Ave, Woodlands Park and Huia Road,

Thank you all for your very generous support and help in our 1st stage of our Argentine Ant eradiation in April. And especially thank you to the many hands who helped to lay the bait out.

From all the surveying we have so far carried out we feel our first baiting has been 99% successful. Already many of us have noticed an increase in native insects and birds in the worst infested areas. The remaining Argentine Ant population has so far been very significantly reduced (with the current ants present being born since our last eradication as predicted). This is the largest mainland Argentine Ant baiting programme done in our country so far, and we are very optimistic due to such a positive community effort so far!

In order to further reduce the Argentine Ant population, we will need to carry out another mass neighbourhood Argentine baiting session in Spring (Sat 8th September, with a rain-date 15th September – with a reminder notice out before then).

Before then, Auckland Council has offered to bring in their Argentine Ant sniffer dog through our area to double check where the ants are. We will notify you if this goes ahead as planned.

We all need everyone’s continued help and support to remove these ants, and we risk re-infestation if we miss just one of their tiny nests/queens when baiting, so every property in our infested area needs to be baited again. They are in the world’s top 100 pest list and are devastating to our environment and to our homes if allowed to prosper.

If you would like more information on this, please contact Mark Harvey.

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