Laingholm Public Meeting - May 27

Thank you to all who showed up to our community hui at Laingholm Hall last Sunday - it was extremely successful - we loaned out tims traps to everyone but 1 or 2 folks in the room and so we are now managing to cover Laingholm more carefully and it can only grow (the photo is from the hui).

Laingholm Meeting 27 May

This on top of the extensive possum and rat trapping going in in parts of Woodlands Park and Waima already. We have plans to set up traps in the Manchester Unity Block now we have Exhibition Drive and associated areas covered (with thanks to Watercare's sponsorship and partnership in this). We are about to be trapping near Scenic Drive (thanks to Ecomatters and Auckland Council Biosecurity support). We are planning some more trap lines along private land in Laingholm. Plus we are about to launch into a major rat trapping initiative... more soon on this. Lots going on (not to mention our extremely successful ongoing Argentine Ant eradication programme). Please get in touch with us if you would like to trap away invasive pests and/or would like some support... we work with all neighbours and groups in our area.