Public Meeting - Laingholm 3pm Sunday

Kia ora all locals in the Waima to Langholm pest free (W2L) zone. Currently we have over 150 traps deployed in our area, but we want more, a lot more. Please join us this weekend, buy a trap and become a supporter.


Where: Laingholm Village Hall
When: 3pm-5pm, Sunday 25th November

The meetings are timed to tie in with our next trapping pulse. We run four pulses a year over the following months:

March - June - September - December

At each pulse we ask all our members to put their traps out and report back to us on catches. By taking a coordinated approach we can have more impact than operating individually. By collecting catch data we can grow our understanding of the challenge we face and the impact we are having. It also assists us when applying for funding.

Get a trap

We'll have three different types of traps available to purchase at the meeting, two for Possums, and a new option to tackle Rats & Mice. We endevour to make these traps as cheap as we can to the public and provide a consession to those who need it.

D-Rat Rat & Mice Trap *NEW*

The D-rat is a simple to use trap for Rats & Mice. It comes with mounting options and can be used indoors & out. W2L member price $25.00 ea

Timms Possum Trap

The Timms is a very robust trap, easy to place and simple to operate. W2L member price $40.00 ea

Trapinator Possum Trap

For those worried about roaming bird life and pets we have the Trapinator. This trap is designed to be attached to a tree or post at a level that birds and pets can't get at. It is also very simple to operate. W2L member price $40.00 ea

Come to this meeting to get traps for your property and to learn how to use them.

You can pre-order a trap or register your current trap by going to our Join Us page and fill in an application form.

Meeting Image by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images