Exhibition traps giving results

Well we've been monitoring the traps along Exhibition Drive for a number of weeks now, and have been getting good results. One possum trap has had a possum in it each time we've checked, and the goodnature traps have seen to numerous rats.

We are currently talking with Watercare on extending the traps along the rest of Exhibition Drive, and increasing the trap density.


Public Meeting Response

We are super thrilled with our first public meeting last night! It is a super great sign of things to come! Thank you all who were there. We had 4 expert speakers plus another from our steering group and we filled the hall. Here's an image of the crowd..

Public Meeting

Here's info on our public meeting - please come to it! 7pm Thurs 26th of May, at Woodlands Park School - let's make Waima to Laingholm pest-free (and a pet-friendly one)...